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Custom Video is an affordable full service Emmy Award Winning

HD Video Production Company, Direct Response Marketing Agency, and

  • Video TRANSFER, Duplication / Film Transfer to Digital Video
  • facility in business since 1990! CVP is the #1 creative Commercial / Infomercial Producer, as well as the Best South Bay Local DVD, Blu-Ray Disc, CD Replication & Retail-Ready Packaging facility in Southern California. Don't risk going anywhere else! We have over 33 years of experience, in Redondo Beach Cities SoCal!

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    Custom Video gets the job done right on time, on budget, and is done at the highest quality. We specialize in Commercial Video Production, Event Video Recording, Video Transfer to Digital File Service, Re-Master Digitally, Infomercial Creation, Website Video Production, Demo Reel Editing, Forensic Video and Audio Analysis - Expert Court Testify, Training Video Production, Corporate Video Shoots, Aerial Video Cinematography with drone plane (has the FCC section 333 exemption), Media Placement, Photo Montage Creation - Photo Scanning to Digital File Service,

  • Funeral Montage, Slide, Negative, Photo Scanning
  • / Film Transfers to Digital File, DVD and Video Duplication / DVD Replication of optical disc Service, Transfer VHS to Digital company, Scan Photo to Digital Service, VHS to DVD / CD / Blu-Ray, Hard Drive conversion service as well as produce Promotional Video Packages to promote your business near me. We also duplicate to SD card, Flash Memory Card, Hard Drive and Thumb Drive copy service.

    Having produced over 1500 commercials since 1990, our client base includes Fortune 500 companies, television advertising agencies, casinos, hospitals, skin care lines and numerous local businesses and national companies from almost every product and service category imaginable. We handle the entire process from concept to completion including script writing and media placement. Our goal is high quality product and customer satisfaction at affordable prices.

  • Video Production Service

  • - CVP produces broadcast quality HD videos to be used in multiple platforms - Online, Television, Cable, Website streaming (including YouTube/Facebook/stand alone DVD's-Marketing, Sales, Training, Corporate and Instructional) that will simultaneously be educating and entertaining to your audience! We also capture and video record Events. Custom coordinates every aspect of the production including FAA excepted Aerial Drone Video Production.

    *Media Placement--Custom researches the most cost effective media to place the video and commercial ads including Radio.

    We Monitor Campaign / Results - Offer Mailing - Fulfillment Service / Warehousing / Shipping Company of your video package.

    Mobile Vehicle Video Tape Transfer and Editing RV - We can come to you to Convert all your secure tapes at your location and edit inside with our professional Video Editor.  We are completely self contained using Solar, Batteries, and Generator when needed. Our Business has received a Green Building Challenge Certificate of Recognition from the South Bay Cities Council of Governments 

    * DVD Duplication, CD Duplication, Blu-Ray Duplication, DVD Authoring, USB Card Duplication Service, Packaging, Video - VHS to DVD Your Memories - Film Transfer Services Company

    VHS to DVD or Video Transfer to Digital Video File like .mov, mp4, mpeg, mpg drive facility

    Video and Film Transfer Service Convert to Digital Video Media to Blu-Ray, Video Hard Drive Encoding to File - Create PhotoMontage, Funeral video presentation corporation

    Video Conversion Service to Digital File - Drive

    Live Video Streaming to other Screens with Audio, Transfer Video to DVD, HD Editing & Disc Authoring Service, Film, Negative, Photo Scanning Company, Slide Scanning Service corp.

    *Low and High Volume Fulfillment with over 30 years experience. We can duplicate your video and package on the spot for shipment often with Same Day Service!

    Custom Video Productions Optical disc Duplication, Photo, Film & local

    Video Transfer Facility Digitizing Service - Photo and Film to Digital File or Drive

    Video Tape Transfer Service, Audio Tape Transfer Service, Pro Video Format DVC-Pro HD Encoding Service, HD-CAM Transfer Service, Digi-Beta Transfer Company

    is Featured on the front cover of the business section from
    The Daily Breeze

    South Bay Best VHS To DVD Video Encoding Service

    Film Audio Video Duplication Company FLASH VERSION OF SITE

    Slide Negative Photo Scanning Service Best Photo Video Montage company



    Custom Video is an equal opportunity employer. Positions available:
    Video Production Services Salesperson

    Please send resumes to resume at customvideo.tv

    Local Photo Montage Video Editing Company
    Proud Member of the Redondo Beach
    Chamber of Commerce & Visitor's Bureau


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    Twitter: https://twitter.com/CustomVideo

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    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/www.customvideo.tv?fref=ts 

    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/CustomVideodotTV#g/u

    Aerial Video Production Sample shot in HD with Drone

    Aerial Video Production Night Sample shot in HD with Drone

    The FAA has granted Custom Video the exemption to be able to fly our drone for commercial video business. Exemption number 12950.

    Click here for our NEW website! customvideoproductions.tv


    Custom Audio Tape Transfer Service

    Since 1990! - Over 33 Years Family Local Experience!

    Click here for our NEW website! customvideoproductions.tv

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